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While writing LoveBeingRetired, I have discovered and shared what I believe is some very useful information to be help us better navigate the jungle that is retirement planning.

To summarize the journey so far, I have put together a short book covering the most important lessons learned.

Your free eBook will help you better understand:

* How to evaluate when you can afford to retire

* What is the real cost of building that nest egg beyond what you need

* Guidelines to living a frugal yet enjoyable retirement

* How to identify and pursue what is really important as you approach retirement

* Pointers on staying healthy so you can enjoy your retirement life

* How to identify and pursue your passion

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Let me know what you think – comments are encouraged.

It’s all about sharing what works to give us a little helpful guidance along the way and your input is greatly appreciated!

Enjoy the book and enjoy the journey.

Dave Bernard

4 thoughts on “Free eBook – Navigating the Retirement Jungle

  1. Thanks for the ebook, Dave! Great advice, thoughts and resources. I printed out a copy for my husband to read as well.

    It is very interesting that you talked about your diagnosis at a young age of Hodgkins as having a positive impact on your life. I just did a blog posting today in somewhat the same vein. I think any crisis in our lives, health or otherwise, gives us an opportunity to realize what is most important and to help us decide what changes we need to make for the future.

    I love the positive outlook of your ebook overall in how we approach retirement. Thanks for mentioning my blog as a resource too.I appreciate it.

    • Exactly – I think how we deal with a crisis not only defines the person we are but helps form the person we will be. And surviving the crisis makes you more appreciative of everything that may otherwise have been taken for granted.

  2. Hi Dave-thank you for the very informative e-book! It is very simple, straightforward, and comprehensive. I would consider this a must read for all planning to retire.

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