Living Retirement to the Max – bits and bytes #1

In recent wanderings and research I have discovered some worthwhile information and helpful websites that address retirement and how to live a satisfying retired life. There is a good amount of collective wisdom in the blogosphere with financial experts sharing their knowledge and retired folks sharing the details of their journey as they learn each day how to best navigate the retirement jungle (which by the way is the name of my eBook which is available for you at no charge by sending an email to!). Here is a handful that stood out:

  • – I was listening to the radio today and heard Kaiser Permanente explain that anything we do out of the ordinary works our brain and helps our mental fitness. For example, saying the alphabet backwards or eating with your other hand or entering the store from the other side than what you are accustomed to. All of these are out of the ordinary and make your brain work. There website includes brain teasers – daily I think – under the Mind Body Spirit tab. Keep your brain working to earn its keep!
  • I have discussed a few times factors that go into considering a move to a new location to retire. There are tons of variables and it is a big decision so you want to make the right one on your first shot. “Moving? Rent First, Ask Questions Later” makes an excellent case for renting before you buy. To make the right decision, you want to really know the neighborhood and the only 100% effective way to do that is to live there. But do so before you buy.
  • My main man Bob Lowry shares his insight in Life-Shaping Decisions. Bob definitely has it figured out as far as what is important in life and he shares his journey so that we can learn from his first-hand-experience and insight into a living a satisfying retirement.
  • In You Can’t Retire on an Empty Stomach Mark Patterson shares with us the real importance of carefully and thoroughly planning for our financial future. He describes the sad statistic that this year, six MILLION older Americans will go hungry. But he also gives us a simple way to pitch in and help.
  • Money Ning helps our living retirement to the max cause in 10 Ways Consumers are Getting Ripped Off pointing out some little known areas deserving our attention. Although premixed baby formula may not be significant in our retirement planning, travel insurance, cable TV, and airline membership sure sound close to home.

These blogs offer some good reading for retirees looking for only the best in their retired life. All of the sites mentioned post regularly and their content is both entertaining and worthy of our attention. With all of this combined knowledge and experience, living retirement to the max is not a dream but can be a reality – if we choose to make it so.

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4 thoughts on “Living Retirement to the Max – bits and bytes #1

  1. Thanks for all the useful links! I think you can never be too prepared for retirement if you really want to enjoy it. You can tailor the retirement to suit you personally and do whatever will make you happy.

    I agree totally that if anyone thinks they want to move and retire to another area, rent first and check it out. I’ve read lots lately on how inexpensive it is to retire to places like Belize but you sure have to be positive you want to live there – no matter how cheap it is!

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