Keep Busy with Senior Activities and Projects

To fill the hour – that is happiness ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

It can be the greatest joy or just as likely the dreaded curse of retirement life. After years of working in a profession and at a career that we may or may not be enthralled with, we finally graduate into retirement. No more doing what the boss demands or stressing out as we struggle to meet project time lines. Our time now belongs solely to US! Retirement is our time to do what we want to do when we want to do it, answering to no one other than our self. What a glorious feeling of freedom.

So, now that we have arrived, what is it that we are actually going to do to keep busy? How do we plan to spend approximately fifteen hours each day, seven days each week, 52 weeks each year retired?  Our time to play is finally here – now what?

Most of us have some ideas of what we would LIKE to do to stay busy once the chains are severed and we can disembark from the slave-ship-galleon that was work. But we discover that there is a LOT of time in each day and it may not be quite so easy to keep busy and stay entertained.  Could this free time be more than we are capable of handling?

Thinking along these lines over the past year, an idea began to take shape in my mind. Since retirement is our time to do what we want to do, it makes sense that step one would be to figure out exactly what it is that we want to do.  We don’t want to waste our valuable time and keeping busy will not be a chore if we are in fact doing what we want to be doing. Choices for senior activities are many and vary according to our individual interests and imagination.

What if what I find interesting and am passionate about turns out to also be intriguing to you even though you have never thought along those lines prior? And what if your pursuits and your hobbies and your passions open up new avenues for me to explore as well? Suddenly our list of rewarding senior activities triples in length, our interests are piqued, creative juices start flowing, and it is not so much a matter of keeping busy as much as it is finding enough time in our retirement day to get everything done.

Probably the difference between man and the monkeys is that the monkeys are merely bored, while man has boredom plus imagination ~ Lin Yutang

Senior Activities to Keep Busy

Over the coming months, I will periodically focus my blog on various “senior activities” that may be of interest to readers. These projects can be one-time-events or on-going endeavors. They may focus on specific hobbies or general ideas. But the aim is to identify specific activities for us to keep busy in retirement.  And not just identify but investigate, highlight and provide some guidance to allow us to get started. And not just projects to keep busy but that are enjoyable, engaging, and rewarding.

I have some ideas stirring about and I happily welcome your input to identify others. In addition, I have created a new category called “Keep Busy” which will be the repository for posts specific to senior activities and projects.

I look forward to uncovering new ways for us to keep busy in our retirement life.

Stay tuned for the “first edition” where we will provide you with a plan to archive your family memories to share and enjoy across your entire clan.

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6 thoughts on “Keep Busy with Senior Activities and Projects

  1. I think your first retirement activity should be “work on my fantastic blog” because I find this blog just full of helpful ideas and enjoy following it. Thanks.

  2. Recently my dad came across my original fishing rod that I had forgotten about for years. I suppose I got to preoccupied as the years went by to take the time to relax by the lake and look back on those early mornings with granddad. I did not realize it then but, there was a lot of wisdom shared in those days.

    • While growing up, I fished with my dad almost every weekend on the Delta around Stockton ever in search of the monster Striped Bass. We found more than our fair share over the years and the memories – and pictures – are some of the best.

  3. Prior to retirement, I hadn’t anticipated just how busy my retired life would be. Social events, volunteer work, outings, travel and writing… it certainly adds up. I’m sure it’s based on the choices I’ve made and continue to make. In that sense, busyness is self inflicted. Bill

    • Great link to the ultimate list of hobbies! It is important that we keep busy in our retired life and I think it helps to plan ahead of the ultimate date. Try some things, find what you love to do – don’t put unneeded pressure on yourself when you retire to somehow magically find something to engage your interest. Better to cross the finish line with a whole new life of activities waiting! Thanks for the comment and the link.

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