Boomers getting all the blame

As a member of the 75-million-strong-baby-boomer-club, I get a bit bothered by the incessant finger pointing and placing of blame that we are receiving lately. It seems that the retirement that we have saved for all of our lives now threatens non-retirees in ways previously unforeseen.

If you believe what is being said, we baby boomers are responsible for everything from possibly crashing the stock market to costing manufacturers hundreds of millions of dollars due to the absence of skilled workers caused by our retirement.

I happen to believe we have had some positive impact on the world around us biased though I may be.

Read my response to these charges on my US News & World blog Stop blaming the baby boomers


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4 thoughts on “Boomers getting all the blame

  1. Yup. Blame is the name of the game these days. So much easier than working toward solutions. Sad, for sure.

  2. Not being a boomer myself, I feel free to comment. I can’t find any justification to blame the boomers for anything- except for having enough children to support them in their old age either directly or from contributions to SS and MC.

  3. Our society hasn’t evolved enough and we haven’t either. Who knew that our money would be squandered by a government willing to engage in wars without end? And who knew that society would be so willing to discard us from employment way too early and not allow us to come back at decent wages? We haven’t been a perfect generation, but I’ve been through semi-retirement in my 40’s and I’m back to fulltime employment in my 50’s. I beat the rush to changing careers by getting downsized from IT in the early 2000’s. I wouldn’t want to be competing against the folks out there now. Most of them are just screwed because it’s so many of them and more industries are involved, plus they have more gray hair. We can’t have a society that discriminates based on age and expect to solve this problem. And we can’t expect to completely stop working at 62 to collect SS when our country is in trouble. We need some honest give and take on these issues.

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