New retirement includes working for life

The retirement our parents and grandparents knew is a thing of the past. No longer can senior citizens assume they will find happy nirvana awaiting them as they cross the retired age finish line. The reality is we are living longer (a good thing) which necessitates we provide for ourselves monetarily for a longer period of time (not a good thing). Safe investment is an oxymoron as retirees have seen 401k plans and retirement investments plunge over recent years, leaving many fearful they will never recoup their losses. The dawn of a new retirement that includes working for life has arrived.

With few options remaining, many senior citizens must consider returning to the working world to help make ends meet. But as we read every day, unemployment is at all time high levels and even more challenging for older workers in search of retirement jobs. What if we can never retire?

We have to do what we have to do even if it requires working after retirement. Before starting our job search, it makes sense to step back and evaluate just what kind of job we are best suited for and most likely to enjoy. We cannot always be picky but clearly understanding what we like and don’t like can help point us in the right direction for our retirement career.

Read a few pointers on how to profile the best job for you on Most baby boomers will work for life my latest post on US News & World.


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4 thoughts on “New retirement includes working for life

  1. Unfortunately retirement is something much different than what it once was years ago. The only thing we can all do is now is buckle up because it will be an interesting bumpy ride in the very near future.

    • It seems everything is changing and as you say the one thing we can count on is it will not likely be a smooth ride. The good news is it is not going to be boring! Enjoy…

  2. Retirement is definitely changing… But I think it’s worth taking a look at cheaper retirement lifestyles… in the last 17 years we have lived on a sailboat, live full-time in an RV, downsized, and lived in foreign countries… All of these are cheaper than “traditional” retirement…

    Especially for those with health concerns… Remember health care is so much cheaper in Mexico and other Central American countries… People get sick in Costa Rica just like they do in Cleveland…

    So I don’t think it’s all hopeless, do you?

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