Retire Part Time

Although baby boomer retirement will likely look nothing like our parents or their parents, most would still like to enjoy some time away from the hustle of the working world. Yet the working work does have positive aspects with the intellectual stimulation and camaraderie a job environment offers . Wouldn’t it be nice to have the best of both worlds with time to enjoy retirement as well as time dedicated to work?

Aging workers are realizing that retirement does not necessarily have to be an all or nothing event. Some senior citizens are now thinking that part time retirement sounds pretty appealing and they are not alone. According to Sun Financial 36% of those planning on retiring would prefer to go back and forth between periods of work and leisure.

What a great idea – work full time for a awhile and then start a period of retirement. You can retire for whatever length of time works best for you. And when you start getting bored with retired life, begin your research into your next job. You may never retire full time!

Such a strategy gives you a chance to pursue career paths that you have always wanted and if they do not work out, stop, recharge and find something else.

Part time retirement offers risks as well as rewards which I discuss more in depth in this week’s blog Growing Interest in Part Time Retirement

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  1. I seem to wander back and forth between part-time and full-time retirement. For every once in a while, a former client calls me up and I then get busy with either a brief or a few-month-long consulting assignment. It generally turns out to be a good mix — largely because I appreciate the intellectual challenge. Bill

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