Are Baby Boomers Mentally Prepared to Retire?

As baby boomers begin to enter retirement, we will be confronted with a new lifestyle with different demands than what we are accustomed to in the working world we have come to know so well.

Where our mornings used to be driven by the clock and getting to work on time, we now have the option to get up when we want. The new challenge is what will we do with our newly found free time? It is important to learn early to chase what is important and what really matters and not waste precious time.

Baby boomers entering retirement may find it hard to accept the impact aging is having on what they are capable of doing. It is easy to become angry and frustrated at diminishing physical abilities but we must learn to deal with the reality.

Retirement is also a time of new possibilities, a time to try something that we were not able to during our working days. If we are curious and willing to look, excitement is still out there but each is responsible for finding inspiration in our retirement life.

In retirement, baring major financial or health concerns, baby boomers hope to be in control of their retired lifestyle. With a little planning ahead and realization of the inevitable changes aging will bring, we can mentally prepare ourselves to make the best of our retirement.

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