5 Ways Boomers Can Feel Sexy and Keep Passion Alive

Post by Ryan Cote, founder of BabyBoomerMedia.com

There is no doubt one of the best ways to spend retirement is being intimate with someone special.  They still remember the days when children put a damper on their love lives and might still be dancing around responsibilities for grandchildren.  Boomers face a lifetime of sacrifice which might even include the loss of a spouse.  There is also the natural fact libido declines with age.  Despite these circumstances, there are five simple ways boomers feel sexy and keep passion alive.

Feel confident about your body and appearance.  As we age, everyone starts to get gray hair or a few body flaws. In a sense, the playing field levels out as we realize nobody is perfect.  It is an excellent time to feel confident about your body and appearance.  Accepting exactly who you are right now definitely adds to your appeal.  Nothing is more attractive than a sense of confidence.  Aren’t you glad those awkward teen years are long gone?

Tap into your past experiences and get creative.  With age comes knowledge and experience.  Tap into your past experiences to develop exciting new ones.  Add a dash of creativity to get past certain limitations.  Women who experience dryness can try one of the titillating new lubricants for two that add a spicy element to intimacy.  Men with erectile difficulties might want to let the women take over the top position for a whole new sense of pleasure with less pressure to perform.

Let’s get physical.  Engaging in regular exercise is a healthy way to improve your physical well-being and boost your libido.  A sedentary lifestyle leads to a feeling of lethargy.  Get a fantastic burst of energy from exercising on a daily basis. Take long walks or do low impact exercises such as yoga or tai chi that help you relax.  It’s an excellent way to eliminate the stress that can put a kibosh on your love life.

Take your time and do it right.  Now that you raised your children and work fewer hours, you have more time.  There’s no need to rush through intimacy anymore.  Take your time and do it right.  Engage in foreplay to boost your libido.  Communicate with each other to find out more about your personal sexual preferences.  Share a romantic candlelight dinner and set the scene for romance.

Define intimacy in a whole new way.  Thankfully, the days of trying to get to third or fourth base are over.  It’s time to define sexy in a whole new way.  Appreciate the subtle nuances of intimacy to create a mood.  Hold hands, make out and touch each other for hours.  Soak up the scent and feel of one another rather than rushing the moment.  This is particularly helpful for couples who are facing libido issues.  Sometimes sex is not the only way to achieve intimacy.

If you have serious problems with painful dryness or erectile dysfunction, make an appointment to see your doctor.  Sex and intimacy can continue well into your 80s and beyond when you address health concerns immediately.  After all, retirement is a time you earned your right to appreciate everything you love – including sex.

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