5 Trips Every Retiree Should Consider

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Retirement. It’s a driving focus on the minds of many individuals who are eager to spend their remaining days relaxing after working themselves so hard. While many are anticipating retirement, there are a great deal of people who really don’t have any idea what they want to do with the time. The world is open to exploration that is perfect for those who are retired or are about to be.

1. The Caribbean – There is more to the Caribbean that several beautiful islands. Coastal cities such as Belize are just as wondrous and inspired as any of the magnificent locations in the area. Crystal blue waters and a temperate atmosphere makes the Caribbean one of the world’s most naturally majestic locations to visit. Millions of visitors frequent this locale on a regular basis to enjoy the tropical life if even for a short amount of time.

The warm tropical climate of the Caribbean can be attractive to those of any age. Although a great deal of the entertainment available in this paradise is focused more on the young, fine dining and exclusive resorts can make anyone feel comfortable. Senior citizens could relax along the beach and take in the magnificent scenery of crystal blue waters and amazing sandy beaches that stretch seemingly for miles. As many retirees prefer to play golf, tee-off in the Caribbean for a truly unique experience.

2. Alaska – There are many people in the world who misunderstand Alaska and assume that it’s a cold and barren landscape. In actuality, Alaska has some of the most breath taking experiences available for anyone looking to involve themselves in something unique. Areas such as Glacier Bay give constant reminders of how much of the Earth had been carved by these mammoth constructs of ice. Wildlife, the mixture of green plant-life and towering snow-covered mountains, and more await visitors in Alaska.

Millions of people have been quoted as saying that Alaskan cruises have been one of the most memorable and enchanting vacations they have ever been on. For a week, you are exposed to the natural beauty of Alaska both on and off the ship. It is a relaxing way to witness the glory of Alaska without having to backpack or trek through the wilderness. Wild animals such as bears can be seen in Denali National Park, humpback whales are commonly making appearances to those in ships, and the grand Mt. McKinley can be seen from over 100 miles away. As you are retired, a great deal of time can be spent taking in everything Alaska has to offer.

3. Europe – The European Union isn’t as large as some may assume. Most of the countries are smaller in size than most places in the United States. A road trip through Europe could open one to the brilliance of different cultures and histories all tightly connected. With this diverse collaboration of many countries, it is an impressive feat that they can reside so close to one another without more of an upheaval. It is a testament to tolerance and patience on the behalf of the inhabitants of Europe.

One of the advantages to visiting Europe is that you can visit many countries and cultures in a short amount of time. The European Union is a tightly knight collection of various countries. Tours of all kinds are available for leisurely travel throughout the Union. Relax and let these tour guides show you the various cultures and people. Join other senior citizens in a relaxed manner of exploring Europe without the stresses of making deadlines or schedules.

4. Hawaii – Although it may seem over stated a great deal of the time, Hawaii has a splendor that attracts millions of visitors to her islands every year. Active volcanoes are a constant reminder of how the island chain was developed in the first place. Clear ocean waters and a diverse marine life are just a small fraction of what the Hawaiian Islands have to offer.

You don’t have to jump on a surf board and ride the waves in order to enjoy the sites the Hawaiian Islands have to offer. One of the greatest benefits of retirement is the ability to enjoy Hawaii without having to worry about getting back to work. Forest trails, beaches, and island cruises can make for a comfortable vacation without over exerting yourself. The Hawaiian Islands has a diverse collection of beauty and magnificence that can be enjoyed in your waning years regardless of health needs.

5. Cross Country – Some people feel that until you experience what is in your own back yard you cannot even begin to understand other locations. Cross country trips in an RV can be one of the most liberating experiences in life. While in retirement, there are no time constraints so you have the luxury to spend as long as you want in each location to experience what the United States has to offer in natural beauty.

One of the biggest reasons why many retired couples take to the road is because it can be a comfortable and convenient way to enjoy the scenic United States. There are no time constraints or children waiting back home. It can be quite the liberating feeling to know that there is nothing to hold you back as you pack up a Winnebago and head to locations you previously only wished you were able to visit.

The possibilities of exploration are vast on this planet. Retirement can give you the opportunity to experience more of what it has to offer. Even something as simple as loading up a Winnebago and exploring the countryside could provide great clarity and experiences of nature that you never dreamed were possible. The time spent in retirement should be enjoyed to the fullest while exploring this planet.

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  1. Whew – I have done 3 of the 5 trips and the 4th from north to south instead of east to west The only trip I have not done is the Alaskan one. Having lost my dad and husband 2 months apart when I was only 27 (neither of these 2 wonderful men had a chance to retire), I decided to travel whenever I could afford it And now I am glad I did, as I am dealing with some health issues as well as not having a travel partner. And I have such wonderful memories. There are a few items still left on my bucket list!

  2. Kudos to you for getting out there and traveling when you could! Retirement is a wonderful time to travel but it makes a lot of sense to get out there along the way rather than wait. We never know what the situation might be when we finally retire. Back to your bucket list! 🙂

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