The Best Activities for Retirement

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Everyone knows that retirement is a big moment of change in people’s lives and it’s not always easy making the adjustment from having a 9-5 career to having days stretching out ahead of you where you’ve nothing particular you have to do.

Of course, there is always something to do, but the transition from working to retirement can be a strange time, especially if you don’t have a burning ambition to use your retirement in a particular way. What follows is a few suggestions of how you might find new activities and ways to keep busy in retirement. Of course, not all of them will chime with you, but you might be inspired by some of the ideas below.


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Remember all those times you wished you could give something back to society? Well,
retirement is the perfect time to do so. It doesn’t have to take much of your week but there are many volunteering opportunities out there, and many organisations can make use of the skills you have acquired through life and work. You could volunteer at your local library or hospital, mentor children or help out at a local homeless charity, to name but a few ideas.

Discover a hobby

If you’ve never had a hobby, now might be the best time to find one as you’ll be able to give it the time it deserves, without having to put it on hold for work. There are so many different crafting activities and collecting possibilities. You might take up quilting, pottery or scrapbooking. Or maybe you’ll develop a passion for gardening and make your garden an oasis.

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Get fit

Too often, people use work as an excuse not to take any exercise. Once you’re retired, you’ll have no more excuses and you can use the opportunity to try a new sport. Golf is a favourite sport amongst both retired men and women. It doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner – you’ve got plenty of time to practice now! There are so many different sports to choose from – do a few taster courses and see which one whets your appetite!

Hit the road

You don’t have to go down the backpacking route – but now you have the time to do so, why not take time to see all those different places that you’ve always wanted to. Some people spend their whole time on the move once they’ve retired – coming back home for a few weeks’ break between trips.

With so many different possibilities of ways to spend the time, retirement could be one of the richest periods of your life – enjoy it!

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5 thoughts on “The Best Activities for Retirement

  1. I say, don’t wait until retirement to do some or most or all of the above. Even (especially?) in the years you may be blessed with growing children, having hobbies and volunteering and exercising and traveling, etc. are important parts of simply savoring life. And sets a great example to others in the family that work is not the sole purpose for us being here. My theory is that those who are upbeat and actively enjoying life BEFORE retirement will be able to enjoy life that much more when retirement comes, mainly because it becomes more of a redirection of focus than retirement from working. The transition can be challenging, no doubt, but what an extraordinary opportunity for those with the desire and verve to “carpe diem”.

    • Well said Steve. I have a chapter in my book called “Don’t Save it all for Retirement” that speaks similarly. Not only is it not just about work but if you do not enjoy yourself along the way, when you get to retirement you may not know HOW to enjoy yourself. And the unfortunate reality is that as we get to retirement age and beyond, we might no longer be as able to enjoy some things as we could have while younger.

  2. I agree that volunteering in retirement is a great way to spend newly available time. It can even help lower your blood pressure! The following article explains, and also provides a link to the 10 best volunteer activities in retirement.

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