Squeezing the Most out of Retirement

Post by Christy Stevens

Baby Boomers have always expected to squeeze as much out of their lives as they possibly could. Why should that stop as they transition to retirement age? And what really is considered “being retired” anymore?

The expectation of working until 65 and then retiring with a pension is disappearing for many Americans. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2022 an estimated 13.2 million workers over the age of 65 will log office hours.

And for many Baby Boomers, that’s just how they want it. It doesn’t matter if slowing down is an option, many Boomers simply don’t want to stop working. They start new companies, volunteer at local schools and community centers and embark on new travel adventures. Retirement to them isn’t about pulling back, it’s about expanding the possibilities of what life still holds.

Experience is the new youth. 60 is the new 40. And an active adult doesn’t need to be told that they’re active. They know it.

A new Denver community discovered this paradigm shift and is celebrating the refreshing tilt in thinking. It’s challenging the idea of what a 55+ community should be and asking for its target market to tell them how they should respond. Instead of following the typical path to creating a 55+ community, Skyestone representatives set about turning the concept on its ear, listening to real Colorado residents about the needs and desires of their lives and their communities.

What the community has found so far is today’s retiree wants:

–  A future that makes financial sense

–  A lifestyle and community that offers intimacy and meaningful relationships

–  A vibrant lifestyle that grows, not diminishes, with age

Which is why Skyestone is aiming to be different from other communities – it’s been designed that way.

The result is a boutique experience, more neighborhood than subdivision, that offers hiking instead of golf courses and community gardens in place of contract bridge.

“With Skyestone, the concept is simple: Deliver an experience that can’t be duplicated because it’s designed specifically for the people who will live there,” said Kathy Curtis, community manager of Skyestone. “When you approach a community this way, no ordinary marketing campaign will do.”

Which is why Skyestone is asking Baby Boomers to be the face of the neighborhood, with the winners featured in the community’s marketing campaign.

The Broomfield, Colorado community launched a six-week campaign to find people who lead interesting and fulfilling lives and best exemplify what it means to live a life greater than their age. The “Greater Than My Age™” contest kicked off May 15 and runs through June 30, 2013.

Once selected, the winners will be featured prominently in the active adult community’s marketing campaign, including a photo shoot that captures them doing what they love. They will be featured for their authentic lives and zest for living, with their love of life splashed across Skyestone’s print advertisements, web campaigns and more. They will also figure largely in the grand opening events for the community, currently slated for October.

But more importantly, they will signal to other Baby Boomers that it’s okay to keep going, to keep striving for more.

“Baby Boomers want more from life, more from their experiences,” Curtis said. “We want to put an authentic face on what we believe is a new kind of community for them.”

To nominate an inspiring person, please visit http://www.facebook.com/skyestonedenver.

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  1. The ice climber in that photo is my husband who was just short of his 76th birthday when that shot was taken this past winter. Photo by long-time climbing partner and photographer Dave Cooper.

    Still crazy after all these years — and wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. It’s wonderful to see the new communities that are cropping up. Those connected to schools, art and building relationships are all important developments that baby boomers will explore.

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