Winter Getaway? – What to pack!

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A winter getaway is often the best kind of holiday to take, the mounds of snow, fresh piste and the stunning wooden chalets. Summer holidays may be full of sun and come with a nice tan, but nothing is more binding than seeing beautiful mountains, glaciers and discovering the ultimate coffee in a small wooden barista.

There is just something magical about spending time with loved ones in a winter wonderland.

Don’t make the same mistake and not be prepared – here’s what to pack for your winter getaway!

Specialised clothing

If you are planning to hike a mountain or go on walks on top a glacier, or just venture out, you are going to need specialised clothing. Jeans and a jacket aren’t going to cut it so you need to work out what specialist gear you need and get hold of it … fast!

You will need thermal trousers with braces for these tasks so that you do not become susceptible to wind chill. You will also need a proper jacket; one which is sold as being both wind and waterproof. This padded coat from Cotton Traders would be great for those walks offering plenty of comfort and warmth along with buckets of style.

For skiing, you also need sunglasses to protect you from sun glare, and you will need a good hat to keep your ears warm because otherwise they will get very sore on a piste. A good moisturiser and skin protection cream is also a must. Sunburn is not uncommon in skiers, however odd it may sound, and the wind can wreak havoc on your any exposed skin.


Layering is going to be a running theme – a thermal layer to go under your trousers and some flexible trousers to allow movement will allow you to be comfortable when undertaking your activities.

Trousers like this fleece lined waterproof trousers from Cotton Traders are the best trousers to take on a winter get away and they will keep you warm throughout your stay. They are waterproof, so perfect for the snow and rain, and ensure that you’re protected but without restricting your range of movement.


In a winter wonderland, no matter how old you are, the urge to craft the ultimate snow ball and hurl it at your loved one is just too much – the result could be messy yet a great memory you will have! You won’t be able to get in on the action if you don’t have a good pair of gloves, though, so remember to pack them and think carefully about the type you choose.

Cheap varieties may be readily available but you need to look at value for money rather than core costs. Plenty of affordable gloves are also good quality so look for something which offers lots of protection and warmth whilst keeping your hands flexible with a full range of movement.

Coats and hats can only do so much where heat retention and comfort is concerned and a lot of heat is lost from the back of your neck. So, it makes sense to keep your neck warm and limit the possibility of cold air entering your jacket with a good scarf. There isn’t any particular type we recommend, although wool and fleece scarves are usually best – looking and feeling fantastic! These are typically available in plain colours but you can also get patterned varieties if you fancy something a little brighter.

Fluffy scarves knitted from special wool can also be a great option, offering a soft and sumptuous feel combined with bold and vibrant colours. Many even include various shades to give a multi-tonal effect!


You are going to need a good pair of walking boots to make the most of the great outdoors and it’s important you know what to look for. Wellington boots with good grip are fine for trips to your village centre whilst walking boots are the solution to tackling that stunning glacier you have seen in the brochure.  Remember to look at the grip on the sole as well as the type of padding used on the inside.

The type of fastening is also important – you want something secure but easy to open. Colour will be important from a style perspective and the use of waterproof material is highly recommended.


With so many fantastic activities to undertake, winter holidays can take a lot out of you. You will need more sleep than on a normal working day so it’s important to make sure you have everything you need to drift off. Pack some comfortable and warm pyjamas (fleece material is a good choice here with long sleeved tops and trousers the perfect combination), get tucked in and dream of climbing that mountain that’s taunting you on the horizon!

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