The Positive Side of Retirement

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The 21st century has seen an explosion in the older population. The charity Age UK has said that there are currently over 10 million over 65 year olds in the UK today – and this figure is set to grow.

Good News if you are Planning Your Retirement

One way of planning for this important time of your life is to go online and have a look at some of the videos on the McCarthy and Stone YouTube Channel.  You’ll be able to hear stories about empowerment and independence and you’ll also feel reassured that getting older doesn’t mean a decline in your active lifestyle.

Increased Retirement Expectations

The Daily Express recently ran a story about how a retired couple traveled the length of the UK using their bus passes. Retirement definitely has its bonuses including increased
leisure time and many who downsize and move to an owner-occupier retirement community find that they still don’t have enough time to fit in all their activities!

Of course as some get older they do start to suffer with health problems but this doesn’t always entail a move to a care home.

Assisted Living in Retirement

There are now a variety of schemes where those suffering with mobility or other health problems can sell the family home and move into a convenient, adapted flat where they’ll be able to retain their independence, but can call on help if needs be. The doors of these flats are specially adapted for wheelchair users and there’s often a parking area specifically designed for mobility scooters.

Daily tasks can become a real chore as you get older. You might not have enough time or the job of cleaning and maintaining a property has become too difficult. If you stay in your family home you may find it hard to get help at an affordable price. Assisted living is a viable option for those who may want additional help.

In a retirement community, you are free to mix with others including care managers in the event you need assistance, but you can also close your front door and maintain your independent lifestyle.

New Beginnings in Retirement

Retirement used to be seen as the time when life started to slow down. An increasing number of stories show that this certainly isn’t the case in the UK. From pensioner choirs on The X Factor to an increasing number of the retired community taking part in yoga, dancing and other leisure activities, retirement is looked upon as the time to really indulge your interests and take up some new activities. You’ll still be able to entertain your family should you wish – but you may be too busy with your new friends from the retirement community!

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