Touching video case study highlights importance of mobility aids

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Do you have a parent who struggles to get around as easily as they used to? What about a grandparent who relies on a walking stick for a quick trip to the shops? It’s an unfortunate fact of life that there are times when we find it hard to complete even the most basic of actions. This means something as simple as going upstairs can prove to be difficult.

While many associate this condition with those in their old age, the truth is it can affect a far greater spectrum of people than that. Whether young or old, disabled or able-bodied, accidents and injuries can befall anyone to leave them reliant on mobility aids and other products designed at making life easier to manage

This idea is perfectly summarized by a recent video case study from stairlift manufacturer Stannah Stairlifts.

This detailed the case of former soldier Adam Douglas who was wounded in combat during the Iraq War. Unfortunately for Adam, his battles weren’t to end there and returning home he was forced to fight against a new enemy – his home.

Instead of offering the comfort and solace which he needed, Adam found he was in danger of becoming a prisoner in his own home. Trapped by such everyday obstacles as the staircase, Adam endured a daily struggle just to get on with a normal everyday routine.

That was until Stannah Stairlifts got involved. Having one of their stairlifts fitted in his home meant that he was able to get on with his life as he had done before his injury and subsequent disability. Getting up and down the stairs was no longer a chore and Adam was able to enjoy his life back at home.

In his own words, the addition of a stairlift in his home dramatically changed his life for the better, improving the overall quality so that he was able to retain his independence. This is just as beneficial for his emotional well being as it is for his physical health, helping to prevent his from feeling isolated or trapped by his disability.

Parting with a glowing recommendation for the firm who brought him freedom in his home, Adam explains how he’d recommend Stannah Stairlifts to anyone in a similar position.

The firm itself is proud to offer all their customers high quality services and products at fair prices. Each and every product comes with the Stannah guarantee and the company has years of experience creating lifts of all kinds with stairlifts being part of their arsenal since 1975 – almost 40 years.

Irrespective of the shape or size of your staircase, they are sure to have a product that will fit and also offer a great range of payment options which include the option to purchase reconditioned stairlifts (usually cheaper than a brand new model) or rent a stairlift for as long as you need instead of paying the purchase price and having it installed permanently.

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