Four Amazing Adventures to Consider in Retirement

Post by Victoria Moretti

After many years committing yourself heart and soul to your career, reaching retirement age can feel a bit strange. Suddenly you find yourself with free time on your hands, just what you have been working and saving for all these years. But before too long you may come to realize that you do not have a lot of meaningful, exciting activities to occupy yourself. You may even find you feel a bit bored at times. No one wants to be bored in retirement so what are you willing to do about it?

Retirement can be the perfect setting in which to explore all of those passions and adventures that you have always dreamed of.  Your kids have grown up and moved out of the family home, so it is your chance to do something different, thrilling and new. Now is your opportunity to rediscover everything that is amazing about the world and life in general.

If you are close to reaching the over-65-club, you are actually in for a treat. Here are just five amazing things you could do when you say adios to work for good.

Ski Europe

Although many of us love the freedom and exhilaration that comes with skiing, while tied to our job we often did not have the time. Well no longer! In retirement you have time to do what you want when you want to. If skiing is your baby, where better to utilize your downhill skills than the Alps. This internationally acclaimed getaway offers crisp, clean fresh air, magnificent views, friendly fellow skiers and powder that is simply divine. You don’t have to be an expert as slopes of varying difficulty are available. And no matter what your skill level, all become equals at the lodge waiting at the bottom of the hill. Snuggle up next to a blazing fire with a cocktail of your choice in hand and just enjoy the moment.  You are never too old to enjoy skiing, but if your muscles ache after a long day, you are sure to find a stunning spa in a nearby resort. Live a little; you deserve it!

Drive New Zealand

If driving is what you like to do, few places on the globe offer more impressive scenery than New Zealand. All of those incredible scenes scattered throughout the Lord of the Rings movies actually do exist as you can see for yourself with a little planning. New Zealand is said to have a similar climate to the UK but few other locations offer the ability to experience all four seasons in one day! What makes the two main islands so perfect for exploring is your access to everything from subtropical rainforests to snow-capped peaks. A perfect way to travel across New Zealand at your own pace pursuing a map and schedule of your own making is by motor home.  Some choose to rent but if you plan an extended trip and really want to surround yourself with all of the comforts of home along the way, you may choose to invest in your own transport such as is offered by Travelworld Motorhomes.

Cruise  Alaska

Imagine yourself comfortably seated on the deck of a luxury liner kept toasty warm by the nearby heater as you look upon some of the last remaining wilderness in North America.  Don’t be surprised by the sleek torpedo-like dolphins that race along with the ship or by the sudden booming of ice shearing off nearby glaciers. You are in the middle of nature in all her beauty. And although this is wild Alaska, don’t worry about roughing it as gourmet food and drink await you 24/7 along the way. Whatever you do, try to at least once visit the midnight feeding if at all possible where you will see more food than you can imagine presented in artistically inspired ways. Cruises cater to all ages with activities available for kids to seniors. Between the beauty, the food, and the seemingly endless on-ship entertainment, you will have no time to be bored as you cruise Alaska.

Cross the Canadian Rockies

If you prefer Terra firma over ocean adventures, you can still experience the beauty of Mother Nature in a train trip across the Canadian Rockies. Whether you choose to head East-to-West or vice versa, you will witness incredible scenery on your train vacation where you can view stunning vistas ranging from verdant river valleys to the peaks of nearby majestic mountains. The Canadian Rockies is home to five national parks with mountains that span more than 69,000 mountains across two provinces. Along the way you can plan to make stops in postcard-like setting such as Lake Louise and Jasper National Park, the largest national park in Canada. And of course you will not go hungry along the way as you are wined and dined in first class style while seated in the domed viewing cars where the great outdoors surrounds you.


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