How to Stay Safe and Take Advantage of End of Summer Travel Savings

Written by Doreen Jacobs

Is now the time to take advantage of a down travel industry?

In the first few months when COVID-19 started its steady increase, all our lives were put to a halt. Among those that suffered a big blow was the travel and tourism industry. With the multiple lockdowns around the world and the fear of contracting the virus in crowded places, it was a dry couple of months for local and international tourist destinations.

As USA Today recently wrote about, the world is slowly recovering, and a lot of countries have started to normalize operations. You are already seeing travel deals (oh yeah baby!) here and there.

So, you ask yourself. Is it time to take advantage of the end of summer travel savings? Before you do, ask yourself these questions.

Assess How You Will Travel

It will be tempting to book that 50% off hotel room or reserve that amusement park ticket (we miss you Disney!). But before you do that, remember first to assess the mode of transport you will take to get there.

You should prefer a close destination, someplace within the city, or somewhere close enough to drive.

With this, you are assured that there is less contact throughout travel:

If you must fly, make sure to check first what protocols the airport and airlines have implemented. From there, objectively evaluate if you think these are enough to keep you safe. It is also important to check for any additional documents that might be needed. Make sure to constantly keep yourself updated for any changes and prepare beforehand to avoid conflicts on the day of the travel.

Research Your Destination Ahead of Time

A lot of countries and local governments will have already assessed best practices before opening their country or city to tourists. The same will be true to the re-opening of tourist spots, restaurants, amusement parks, and all places that tend to be crowded. Your job is to look further into it, to see if you think these are enough to keep you from contracting the virus.

Some key things to look at would be, how they propose to limit contact from one person to another:

· Cleaning procedures and sanitation

· Crowd control

· Air flow

Make sure to also be ready to subject yourself to these protocols, especially if you are visiting from another city or country. Be sure to bring a lot of patience. You must prepare yourself for chances of being refused to enter a place for security or medical reasons. Keep in mind that everyone is still navigating through this pandemic and we are all trying to keep people safe.

Be Conscious to Lessen Unnecessary Contact

If this were a normal summer trip, you would have already talked to hundreds of people and bought a dozen things (easy now social butterflies). But we cannot be that comfortable yet. Always think of ways to enjoy the place without having to touch so many things and talk to many people. If you must, be mindful to sanitize after.

One of the things you can do is to bring your supplies and food, if possible. By supplies, we mean like:

1. Tissues

2. Straws

3. Water

4. Alcohol

5. Hand Sanitizer

6. Bleach

7. Face masks

8. Rubber gloves

It would be safer to bring these things from your home. It is also recommended that you minimize cash and card transactions and opt for cashless alternatives if there are any available. If the establishment does not have that option, make sure to sanitize your hands and card after the contact.

It is reasonable that the possibility of contacting COVID will scare us from our usual routine. But what we need to take into consideration is that we all need some sort of break from all these new restrictions. Staying within the four walls of your home for months is deteriorative to your mental health.

Sometimes, a short vacation is what you need to help you overcome burnout. But before you take advantage of the end of summer travel savings, make sure that you are ready. It will require a lot more work than you usually do when planning for a getaway. But it will be worth it if it means you get to enjoy yourself while being safe.

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