Retired and Happy

Written by Becky Wilcox

You have waited years for this day to come. All your affairs are in order. The kids are grown, and they are pursuing their dreams. You have a 401k, retirement package, and social security. The hard work has paid off. As you walk into the sunset, you are wondering what’s on the horizon?

As you contemplate the future, you think of some things you have wanted to do for some time. You have decided that you are going to invite over some close friends and celebrate your retirement. It doesn’t have to be too large of a gathering. You could serve some cocktails and mocktails made with delicious Monin Flavors, such as Monin Lavender, Monin Desert Pear, or Monin Blackberry. Maybe serve them with some finger foods. That would be simple yet fun.

So what does the future have in store for you? The phone comes out of your pocket. A text editor is opened, and you begin to write the ten best activities after retirement.


The world is a big and beautiful place. You dreamed about romantic nights in Paris. You craved the cuisines of Italy. England has the historical sites you want to see. A safari in Africa would be exciting. The Pyramids of Egypt could wake up your soul. Carnivals in the Caribbean can bring joy and memories for years to come.


This is one of the most relaxing and fulfilling activities to perform. It’s time to get your hands dirty with the life of the Earth. No more worrying about pesticides and GMO produce. Your mind will be at ease, and your plate will be bright and colorful.

Learn to Play an Instrument

Wouldn’t you like to play the guitar like Prince? You can impress all of your family and friends. The keyboard in your closet is tired of collecting dust. Beethoven is calling you from beyond. You can put on some John Coltrane, and you can play the saxophone along with him.

Start a Business

For some people, making money is what keeps them happy. Why should Bill Gates have all the cash? The restaurant you dreamed of owning can become a reality. That flower shop is just a storefront and rose petal away. The community is wondering when you’re going to build that indie movie theatre.

Help the Homeless

You are content with the money you’ve made over the years. There are people in your community who need your help. Giving to others brings you joy. It is time to make a change. A hot meal can be the difference between hope and despair. Providing the less fortunate with clothes, toiletries, food, and blankets can make happiness go up and crime go down.

Tackle Environmental Issues

Helping the environment is a passionate cause. From the ozone layer to the trash in the oceans, there is a lot of work to do. You can join a group that cleans the beaches. You can join a community that raises awareness about recycling. There is so much work that needs to be done. The Earth will surely appreciate your effort.

Learn to Draw

How cool would it be to put your mental pictures on paper? Drawing is a talent that most people wish they had. Your art can become so good that you will become immortalized. Drawing soothes the nerves. When you pick up that pencil, you will enter new dimensions.

Join a Sports Team

Why do the guys in the NBA, NFL, and MLB get to have all the fun? There are plenty of local teams you can join. After a game, you and your teammates can have a beer and share some war stories. Getting involved in sports is a fun way to stay in shape. If basketball, football, or baseball is too intense, you can enjoy golf, billiards, or bowling.

Learn to Cook

Good food equals good life. It’s time to put the frozen dinners to rest. You have all the time in the world now. Fire up the wok and put the vegetables and meats in the pan. Learn about the different spice blends. Take the time to bring your palate joy. When you are in conflict with others, you can resolve the issues with your new cooking skills.

Help the Youth in the Community

You already made it through the hard part of life. Why don’t you go out there and guide the lost ones trying to find the path? There are so many kids that need wisdom from positive people in the community. You never know; that kid you helped can grow up and be somebody.

Retirement is not the end of the world. This is the time to really enjoy your life. You know who you are and what you want. You have the resources to pursue your dream. Now, all you have to do is push it to the limit.

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