How You Can Bring Your Dream Retirement Plan To Life

Written by Samantha Jones

Many planning to retire have a good idea of what their dream retirement will look like. However, not everyone ends up with a reality that matches their dreams. Often, this is due to poor planning. It is not uncommon for a future retiree to spend less time planning for retirement than for an extended vacation. Anybody can bring their dream retirement plan to life, you just need to have a plan and stay focused! Use this guide to get you started.

Set Your Vision

The first thing you need to do is set out your vision for the retirement you dream of. Try to plan in as much detail as you can. Do you want to live in a modest cabin by the lake? Or perhaps you’d rather live in luxury in Sicily? Sicily is a very popular choice for those looking to move abroad after retirement. Picture your dream retirement in every little detail. That takes care of step number one. But having a vision without a plan or any real idea of how to achieve it is pointless.

Come Up With A Plan To Achieve Your Vision

Now it’s time to come up with a plan to achieve your vision. Outline the things you can do to make your dreams a reality. Usually, this boils down to saving money and accumulating as much as possible. You may want to speak with a financial advisor to help you figure out what you can do to put more money away. While you are still working you are best able to make changes and sacrifices that will allow you to live the retired life you want. Cut back today to save for tomorrow. You can find equity in your home. There are plenty of options and every little bit helps. The sooner you get to work on your plan, the sooner you can make your retirement a reality.


Save A Small Amount Every Day And Forget About It

Making your dream retirement a reality will depend largely on how much money you can accumulate. The more you put away, the better the retirement you’ll be able to have. However, you need not feel overwhelmed by this news. You don’t need to put extraordinary amounts of your hard earned money away each week, or even each month to make it happen. By simply saving a small amount each day, usually what you’d save on a coffee, in 20 years you can build an impressive nest egg. This is why the sooner you start, the better. If you are able to save for a further 10 years, and even 20 years, you’ll be on your way to making your dream retirement a reality. It could be as easy as swapping to a cheaper brand or cutting back on your coffee consumption or taking a more economical vacation. Doing something small could mean a much brighter future for you.

Don’t Get Your Wants And Needs Mixed Up

Make sure that along the way you don’t confuse what you want with what you need. Stay out of debt, especially when it comes to things you do not really need like a new car or new furniture or elaborate vacations. Would you rather pay a finance payment each month for a car or have that money tucked away in your retirement fund? You’d be better off buying a cheaper car outright and putting the rest in your savings. Let your nest egg grow while you drive what you have even though it may not be the most glamorous.

Looking for Something to do in Retirement? Consider a Road Trip!

Written by Samantha Jones

A lot of people can find themselves stuck when retirement is looming. After all the effort that has gone into preparing for their second act they’re not quite sure what they’re going to do with all that free time! Well, I’ve got a suggestion: how about a road trip? For many retirees there is no better way hit the road than in a RV. Here are some important points to consider if you envision a road trip in your retirement plans:


Permanent or temporary?

A retirement road trip sounds like a great idea. But a lot of people will want to take that further. The RV lifestyle can be so cost-effective and you’ve got more freedom. This leads some to wonder if they should just take up this lifestyle indefinitely, as a new form of retirement living. It gives you an amazing opportunity to see so much more of your country than you had time to do before.

It’s definitely something you should consider. But it would require a lot of work. You would, of course, have to downsize considerably. You’ll be moving from an entire home to a much smaller space. You’ll probably find that a lot of the stuff you have is just junk you accumulated over the years. But even then it’s a big task!

If you are considering choosing a free-roaming RV life as your retirement plan, you should at least try a road trip first. See if the lifestyle could suit you!

Picking the right RV

You’re going to need to do your research here. A lot of people think that all RVs are the same. But there is an incredible variety of choice out there, and some will be better suited to your purposes than others. There are Class A motorhomes, pop-ups, fifth wheels, and more. A fifth wheel is popular because it can easily be detached from the main vehicle. This allows you to park it somewhere and explore a territory with a “regular” vehicle. You should look through a wide range of quality fifth wheels for an RV.


If you’re looking to have a more camping-oriented experience, look into pop-up options. The problem with these, however, is that they’re really suited to short excursions instead of road trips. Big motorhomes are a great choice for retirees, given how spacious and comfortable they can be. Just remember that motorhomes aren’t really suitable for off-road adventures!

Remembering your health

I very much doubt that you need to be reminded, but I’m going to say it anyway. Your average retiree simply isn’t as healthy as the average mid-twenties person. You’ll have to give a bit more consideration to your health requirements if you’re planning on going on a long road trip.

The problem with road trips is that they will often take you quite far away from emergency services. You may also find yourself frequently in areas where mobile phone reception isn’t as sharp as nearer the cities. Still, how much this affects your average road trip is usually exaggerated. You should also keep in mind any medication you’re taking. Make sure you have a plentiful supply. Also be sure to read the fine print. Medications sometimes don’t last long in certain temperatures or climates. A road trip across the country will see you venture through many different climates. Make sure your meds can be kept safe!