Discover Your Passion

For those who want to find real value in their personal lives, this book will help refocus their direction and help them to get on a journey that is truly important.” Ernie Zelinski, author of “How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free.”

Our passions help to define, inspire, and empower us ultimately giving our lives meaning and purpose beyond merely existing. Too easily we may resign ourselves to accepting life rather than grabbing all it has to offer. Instead of actively engaging it is safer to watch from the sidelines often unaware of all we are missing.

No one needs to merely exist and just go with the flow. Each of us has the ability to discover what we are most passionate about and go for it. We just need a little help to take our first steps.

“I wish this book was around years ago. The 5-8 years I toyed around with what the next steps would be could have been shaved to about one.”

“The book confirmed for me that it is time to pursue my interests and passions, not just continue on the path that is secure and helps pay the bills. I am so much happier now because I am pursuing my passion.”

Learn from examples and personal experiences shared by others who have discovered their passion.

Ask yourself those important questions to help guide your discovery.

Find out how you can personally empower your passion to find purpose.

“This is a valuable resource for anyone seeking more spark in any arena of life, whether personal, career, or retirement.” Andy Landis, author of “When I Retire.”

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