Retire to a New Career

Whether for financial reasons or to keep busy, retirement for many baby boomers will likely include a healthy dose of work. The retirement our parents and their parents aspired to when at 65 you left your working career for a life of leisure and relaxation is no longer the norm.

And it is not necessarily a bad thing. A job definitely has its good points as you engage with people each day and put yourself to the test to achieve goals and deadlines. Plus it is always nice to have a little additional money in our accounts although many have wisely come to realize that money is not all there is to a satisfying retirement.

With the reality that many boomers will be working into retirement, it becomes important to shape that retirement career into something that gives you enjoyment and satisfaction. This second act can be an opportunity to explore new interests and pursue your true passion.

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Baby boomer retirement will change how companies hire

These days the big concern is not enough jobs for those looking for employment. A slow economy and tight hiring by businesses has snowballed causing double-digit unemployment across the nation and the world.

 I remain an optimist and believe that at some time in the hopefully-not-to-distant future we will get back on track and the economy will revive. Will this be 1 year or 5, who knows for sure.

But when companies do start hiring again they will have to deal with a new employment challenge. 75 million hard-working baby boomers are starting to enter their retirement years, many forced out for no reason other than age. Still very capable of performing their duties, senior citizens will represent a pool of skilled labor that cannot be ignored. An objective analysis of the ability to perform required duties should determine who is forced to retire rather than the amount of gray in our hair.

Companies that are successful in the future will be those that make considerations for the needs of senior citizens while benefiting from their experience and knowledge in the workplace.

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