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Navigating the Retirement Jungle

“You have done a super job. The book is readable, easy to absorb in one or two sittings and covers all the topics that a pre-retiree is thinking about. ” Bob at Satisfying Retirement

Writing LoveBeingRetired, I am uncovering and sharing what I believe is useful information to help us all better navigate the jungle that is retirement planning. If you do not plan, it will not happen the way you want.

To summarize the journey so far, I created a short book covering some important lessons learned:

* How to evaluate when you can afford to retire

* What is the real cost of building that nest egg beyond what you need

* Guidelines to living a frugal yet fulfilling retirement

* Accepting aging

* Where to find inspiration in living daily retired life

* Tips on staying healthy so you can enjoy your retirement life

* How to identify and pursue your passion

“Thank you for the very informative e-book! It is very simple, straight forward and comprehensive. I would consider this a must read for all planning to retire.”

To receive a free copy of “Navigating the Retirement Jungle” send an email request to

Enjoy the book and enjoy the journey.

Dave Bernard

18 thoughts on “Free eBook

  1. Lots of thanks to your readiness to share

    The thoughts and views are realistic even for the situations prevailing in my part of the world, India.

    I once again appreciate it

    Vijayakumar, Kerala, India

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  6. Thank you for your blog. I would love to receive your free ebook.
    At the end of March 2012, Families in Global Transition conference is meeting in Washington, DC. I would like to refer to your blog on my suggested reading list that, as a speaker I will be sharing with attendees. Would you be OK with my listing your blog address?
    Kathleen Smith, author of “Beyond Broken Families,” and “Parents on the Move!”

    • Good morning Kathleen and thank you for reaching out to me. Sorry for the delay responding – my wife and I were hiding away on a beach in Cabo del Sol for the past week.

      I would very much appreciate your mentioning my blog at the Families in Global Transition conference.

      Have a safe trip and I will send a copy of Navigating the Retirement Jungle momentarily.

      Dave Bernard

  7. Dear Dave, thanks for the free ebook. I found it provides much food for thought and is a helpful guide to making future plans.

  8. Thank you ! Your blog & website is very relevant to me personally since I am contemplating retirement within a year. I would love to receive a free ebook.

    Cheers for retirees !

  9. We are looking forward to retirement in about 5 years. I would like your e-book to help prepare for our second journey. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I’ll be joining my wife in retirement within a couple of months. We have pieced together the financial and medical portion of the transition and now am seeking to get my head around the whole piece. I absolutely would appreciate a copy of your e-book as I seek to reel in the mental portion of retirement.
    Thanks in advance,

  11. Hi David,
    I’m starting to plan on my retirement and would like to get a copy of the e-book- Navigating the retirement jungle.

    Thanks in advance. – Dennis

  12. I’m wanting to retire, but the unknown has a strangle hold on me. What will I do with my time? My life has always been planned out for me. At nine I got a paper route, and have had a “job” for the 50+ years following. Making my life planned out for me. I do not want to set on the couch “eating Bon-bons”.

    Can your e-book answer some questions?

    I would love to read it

  13. Dear Dave,
    I would love receiving your e-book! I am looking forward to retirement soon and I am very sure it would be a great help to me and I also plan to share it with my sisters who are retired.

  14. Dave,

    I’m just 90 days from retiring and am trying to get the ship in order. There is a lot more to do than I expected just to get ready. Now I’m wondering what is next and what have I forgotten to do.

    Looking forward to your e-book.

  15. I’m planning my escape from the job I’ve had for the last 22 years. Please send me a copy of Navigating the Retirement Jungle. I hope it has a chapter on melding a new retirement with a spouse that has been retired for over 10 years. Thanks in advance!

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