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Navigating the Retirement Jungle

“You have done a super job. The book is readable, easy to absorb in one or two sittings and covers all the topics that a pre-retiree is thinking about. ” Bob at Satisfying Retirement

While writing Retirement – Only the Beginning, I have done my best to learn what I can to better prepare for my own retirement. Now years into retired life I am learning there is a lot to learn. However, between my on-going research and candid feedback from readers, I feel positive about what the future holds.

Along the way I have tried to share in my blogs useful information that might help each of us better navigate the jungle that is retirement planning. I sincerely believe that if you do not plan, it will not happen the way you want.

To summarize my ongoing education and the journey so far, I created a short book covering some important lessons learned:

How to know when you can afford to retire

* Understanding the real cost of building that nest egg beyond what you need

* How to prepare the important relationships in your life

* Learning to accept aging

* Where to find inspiration in living daily retired life

* Tips on how to stay healthy so you can enjoy your retirement life

* How to identify and pursue your passion

My own retirement planning is a work forever in progress. But I believe I have begun to identify those important steps that will allow me realize the fulfilling retirement I hope for and I am happy to share them with you.

“Thank you for the very informative e-book! It is very simple, straight forward and comprehensive. I would consider this a must read for all planning to retire.”

Enjoy the book and enjoy the journey! 🙂

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