I Want To Retire!

Read Dave Bernard’s “I Want To Retire!” and use it as a guide to create passion and meaning in your retirement years. ~ Warren Lieberman, Author “65 and Alive”

Who among us does not long for the day when we will finally quit our job and begin a new life in retirement? All those years of work and toil and scrimping will finally pay off when we
begin our second act free to live each day as we choose.

But if we expect to just magically arrive at that picture perfect retirement without planning or preparation, we may be in for a nasty surprise.

A fulfilling retirement does not just happen. Many retirees experience uncertainty as they begin to deal with the unfamiliar challenges of aging while at the same time attempting to incorporate numerous changes that come with a brand new lifestyle.

We can all use a little help to successfully navigate the retirement jungle.

And who better to offer guidance than those who have gone before us into retired living?

The questions Dave poses are ones every single pre-retiree should be asking. As someone who retired a dozen years ago, I can quite honestly say I wish this book had existed before I left my career. ~ Looking to Retire

I Want To Retire! builds upon the honest, often passionate and always candid thoughts expressed in thousands of comments from readers of my retirement blogs. Some are happy with where they are, some are confused, and many are still searching for the best way to live their own fulfilling retirement.

Having personally negotiated the sometimes strange and often confusing path, these travelers are able to identify those essential considerations that every retiree to be will ultimately need to address. How will I prepare relationships for retirement? How can I face our retirement fears? How will I stay busy and engaged during our retired years? How can I build a custom retirement tailored just for me?

This is your chance to learn from their experiences, benefit from their acquired wisdom and avoid their mistakes as you ponder for yourself how to best prepare for the retirement you want.

I heartily recommend Dave Bernard’s “I Want To Retire!” It’s a practical handbook that shines at raising the non-financial retirement questions everyone needs to answer. ~ Andy Landis, Author of “Social Security: The Inside Story”

I Want To Retire! Essential Considerations for the Retiree to Be is available now from Amazon.com.