How to Stay Safe and Take Advantage of End of Summer Travel Savings

Written by Doreen Jacobs

Is now the time to take advantage of a down travel industry?

In the first few months when COVID-19 started its steady increase, all our lives were put to a halt. Among those that suffered a big blow was the travel and tourism industry. With the multiple lockdowns around the world and the fear of contracting the virus in crowded places, it was a dry couple of months for local and international tourist destinations.

As USA Today recently wrote about, the world is slowly recovering, and a lot of countries have started to normalize operations. You are already seeing travel deals (oh yeah baby!) here and there.

So, you ask yourself. Is it time to take advantage of the end of summer travel savings? Before you do, ask yourself these questions.

Assess How You Will Travel

It will be tempting to book that 50% off hotel room or reserve that amusement park ticket (we miss you Disney!). But before you do that, remember first to assess the mode of transport you will take to get there.

You should prefer a close destination, someplace within the city, or somewhere close enough to drive.

With this, you are assured that there is less contact throughout travel:

If you must fly, make sure to check first what protocols the airport and airlines have implemented. From there, objectively evaluate if you think these are enough to keep you safe. It is also important to check for any additional documents that might be needed. Make sure to constantly keep yourself updated for any changes and prepare beforehand to avoid conflicts on the day of the travel.

Research Your Destination Ahead of Time

A lot of countries and local governments will have already assessed best practices before opening their country or city to tourists. The same will be true to the re-opening of tourist spots, restaurants, amusement parks, and all places that tend to be crowded. Your job is to look further into it, to see if you think these are enough to keep you from contracting the virus.

Some key things to look at would be, how they propose to limit contact from one person to another:

· Cleaning procedures and sanitation

· Crowd control

· Air flow

Make sure to also be ready to subject yourself to these protocols, especially if you are visiting from another city or country. Be sure to bring a lot of patience. You must prepare yourself for chances of being refused to enter a place for security or medical reasons. Keep in mind that everyone is still navigating through this pandemic and we are all trying to keep people safe.

Be Conscious to Lessen Unnecessary Contact

If this were a normal summer trip, you would have already talked to hundreds of people and bought a dozen things (easy now social butterflies). But we cannot be that comfortable yet. Always think of ways to enjoy the place without having to touch so many things and talk to many people. If you must, be mindful to sanitize after.

One of the things you can do is to bring your supplies and food, if possible. By supplies, we mean like:

1. Tissues

2. Straws

3. Water

4. Alcohol

5. Hand Sanitizer

6. Bleach

7. Face masks

8. Rubber gloves

It would be safer to bring these things from your home. It is also recommended that you minimize cash and card transactions and opt for cashless alternatives if there are any available. If the establishment does not have that option, make sure to sanitize your hands and card after the contact.

It is reasonable that the possibility of contacting COVID will scare us from our usual routine. But what we need to take into consideration is that we all need some sort of break from all these new restrictions. Staying within the four walls of your home for months is deteriorative to your mental health.

Sometimes, a short vacation is what you need to help you overcome burnout. But before you take advantage of the end of summer travel savings, make sure that you are ready. It will require a lot more work than you usually do when planning for a getaway. But it will be worth it if it means you get to enjoy yourself while being safe.

How to Get Rich in Retirement

Written by Doreen Jacobs

What comes to mind when you think about retirement? Perhaps, old people going on vacation relaxing and taking a break from the stresses of everyday life. Monday to Friday cease to exist and every day is like the weekend? Some people are known to get depressed during retirement because their job was their life,

The good news is that there are plenty of fun things you can do during retirement, and one of them is to make loads of money! Here are some tips to get you started.


With all your years of professional experience in your respective field, freelancing is a great way to make plenty of money during retirement. You can work from the comfort of your own home, set your own hours, and demand your pay grade. There is a lot of work you can do online, what field did you work in before retirement? Accountancy, bookkeeping, were you a teacher? There is something out there for everyone.

If this appeals to you, start looking and see what you can find.

Start Your Own Business

It’s never too late to go into business for yourself. The founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken Colonel Sanders didn’t start KFC until the age of 62. And it took him several years after that to become well-known in the industry. No one was interested in KFC at the beginning, but Colonel Sanders refused to give up, and, today, it is one of the most successful fast-food restaurants in the world.

What are you passionate about? What drives you? Once you can answer this question, you can move forward with writing a business plan and starting the company you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t Stop Working

There is no law preventing you from working when you retire. Another way to generate income is through the gig economy, you will be surprised at how many organizations are willing to hire retirees for short periods.

The gig economy is in full swing at the moment and it has allowed Americans to work well into their 70s. Just think about how that extra money can come in handy when combined with your pension. If you invest wisely, you are likely to see a massive boost in income over time.

You should also take into consideration the fact that you can also defer Social Security when you put off retirement. This means that you get to keep your employer benefits so that you can keep investing in your 401k assets and IRA, all of which means extra money for you.

Get Frugal

You can save plenty of money simply by cutting back on your expenses. If your children have moved out of the home, you might want to move to a smaller accommodation which will significantly reduce your living expenses. You can swap your car out and get a cheaper model, one that uses less gas.

Rent a Room

If your children have moved out of the home but you don’t want to move out, you can always rent any spare rooms you have in your house. With websites like Airbnb, this is a very fast and safe way to make some additional cash. Airbnb allows you to rent out your room’s far cheaper than the price of the average hotel room in your area. Check out more ideas from 60andMe.

Everything takes place online. Checks are conducted to make sure the person coming to stay is legitimate. Before a booking is confirmed, all guests must make an upfront payment which means that you are guaranteed to get your money.

Renting your rooms on Airbnb is more profitable than doing it through a real estate agent because you can charge more since you are charging by the day and not the month. For example, you would be able to charge $100 per night on Airbnb, which adds up to $3000 per month. You wouldn’t get away with charging $3,000 per month using a real estate agent.

Make Handmade Products

Handmade products are very well respected today and people will pay top dollar for them. Are you good at sewing or making things with your hands? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ve stopped off at the right place.

Whether you enjoy knitting, sewing, or any other crafts that you can make with your hands, you can set up an Etsy store online and sell them at a decent price.

Pet Sitting

Do you have a love for animals? Well, how about turning it into a lucrative business. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of people who need a trustworthy person to look after their pets when they go on vacation or business trips. As long as you have all the facilities, you can do this in the comfort of your own home.

Become a Tour Guide

Do you live in a tourist area? If so, how long have you lived there for, and are you familiar with the history of the area? You can become a tour guide and spend your days showing visitors around your city. Not only are you paid generously for this, but it is also customary for tourists to tip their tour guides. This means you can make quite a bit of money every day depending on how many people you get to show around.

Car Park Rental

Do you have a large car parking space available? You could rent it out to people who need to park in your area or for people who are traveling and need a place to keep their car until they get back. This business venture works especially well if you live in an area where there is an airport close by.

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. Some influencers are making millions of dollars per year just talking about and doing the things they love and delivering quality content for the world to see. Some of the most popular YouTube channels were started in a bedroom using a cell phone as a camera.

Nothing is stopping you from doing the same during your retirement. Do you enjoy cooking, speaking about politics, are you good with DIY projects? Whatever you enjoy doing, get it all on camera and start posting videos. You will be surprised at how quickly you grow a following.

Start Selling Things

What do you have in your home that you can sell? Look through your closets, in the attic, and the shed. You are bound to come up with some unique items that will catch a pretty penny.

This is especially true for antique items: did your parents give you any sentimental jewelry or clothing items? There are several websites where you can sell your used items and there are plenty of people who will gladly pay top dollar for them.

Final Thought

As you have read, there is so much you can do during retirement that you are spoilt with choices. As long as you are willing and determined, you can make a lot of money if you decide to follow through on one of the ideas mentioned above. There is no need to sit at home and let the rest of your days pass you by, get out there and do something, and be sure to enjoy it at the same time.

10 Best Places to Retire in South Carolina

Written by John Moran

South Carolina has become an increasingly popular state to retire in and it’s easy to see why. The state has generally mild winters and more friendly tax rates especially when it comes to social security. Additionally, its low cost of living and all-round high quality of life is a winner for retirees.

It should, therefore, come as no surprise that a lot of first-time or return visitors to this state often come back to set up their retirement homes here. If you are among this category of people, we’ve made a list of ten places within South Carolina that you should consider retiring in.

1. Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach offers its residents a deep vibrant cultural experience. With beautiful wide beaches for you to sunbathe as well as the myriad of art and history museums for you to satisfy the artist in you.

Myrtle Beach also has the best golf courses with a pool of over 120 world-class courses to choose from. Any golf enthusiast will be spoilt for choice There are also a good number of condos for sale in Myrtle Beach at great prices too.

2. Charleston

With its historical charm and primal coastal location, Charleston is an ideal choice for retirees. The city carries a population of just over 400,000 people but the neighborhoods located within the outskirts of the city are home to a decent population of people over the age of 55.

Charleston also boasts of a vibrant cultural and historical scene seeing that it was founded in 1670. If you are into art and history, then the Charleston Museum and the Gibbes Museum of Art among others will give you a good dose of just that.

3. Clemson

This is a city with a lot of historical appeal especially with all the great efforts put into preserving it. It also hosts nearly 17,000 university students which makes it a great place for the young and young at heart.

The large college population also means that the cost of living is relatively low which is great for people living on a pension budget or for people looking to set up business in the area. It also has a large golf course and miles of hiking trails and nature preserves for one to enjoy.

4. Greenville

Greenville is a popular destination many retirees looking to join a budding retirement community. It also provides an energetic city vibe for people to indulge in as they immerse themselves in the food, culture, and socialize with others.

There is a slowly emerging art scene here with many local musicians and artists performing and showing their work at different venues, galleries, and museums. Greenville also experiences great weather all year round and offers many tax reliefs to the elderly, which serve as an incentive for people who are considering retiring there.

5. Aiken

Aiken, or the ‘Winter Colony’, had a population with a median age of 41 in 2017 of which has definitely grown older since meaning it should be a great community to retire in. The average property value of houses in the county fall around $130,000.

Aiken is also a great haven for horse riders as polo games are a favorite pastime activity for the people living there.

6. Hilton Head

Hilton Head is an island famous for its beautiful beaches and state of the art golf and tennis courses. This island is a great retirement area because it has an array of endless activities such as fishing to recreational boating, shopping, and public beach access.

The island’s population has a median age of 58 and so many new condos and beautiful homes are constructed specifically with the retirement community in mind making it a highly ideal choice.

7. Beaufort

Having been named America’s Happiest Seaside Town, Beaufort offers its residents a rich American culture and heritage as well as a great selection of local food.

Chartered in 1711, Beaufort is the second-oldest town in South Carolina. As such, many of the historical sites and homes have been restored and now serve as beautiful tourist attractions for visitors and locals alike to come and experience Beaufort’s rich history.

8. Georgetown

Georgetown is another location that should prove ideal for retirees mainly because of its aging population who have an average age of 50. It also has averagely warm weather all year round that allows its residences the pleasure of going out at any time of the day.

Georgetown also has a lot of amenities that cater directly to the needs of its aging community. In terms of health, about 86% of the population has health coverage.

9. Bluffton

Bluffton, SC, has a mere population of 17,000, and with it comes a great small-town charm not found in many places in South Carolina. This means it’s a fairly easy place to navigate and is ideal for retirees looking to move away from the busy city life.

The average property value in Bluffton is nearly $250,000 with households having an average of 2 cars for commuting. It’s worth pointing out that Bluffton is famous for its oysters that have people from far and wide coming to see.

10. Columbia

As the state capital of South Carolina and home to Columbia University, Columbia offers so much in terms of history, culture, and fun activities. The Riverbanks Zoo, Botanical Gardens, and Lake Murray are all major attractions that are also in close proximity to the city making the commute not only easy but convenient.

The weather is quite warm all year round and with a large group of young and old people alike, Columbia has a rather diverse and vibrant cultural scene. Its many attractive suburbs make it a great option for retirement with homes within the city going for an average price of $185,000 which most people would consider fair despite it being the state capital.

In Summary

Retirement carries different meanings for different people. Whether you are looking to spend your golden years golfing or waking up to the ocean breeze, then South Carolina has it all in-store for you. Whatever you decide to choose, just be sure that it’s tailored to suit your specific needs so you can find peace and relaxation in your retirement.